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Yes: “Roundabout”

The Hook: It’s about a road trip Yes took to Scotland.

Album: Fragile

Year: 1971

Writers:  Jon Anderson and Steve Howe

Stats: Peaked at number-13 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it Yes’s second highest-charting U.S. single, after the number-one “Owner of a Lonely Heart.”

Background: Jon Anderson tells us that his lyrics to “Roundabout” came from a road trip Yes took to play a concert in Glasgow [pr: GLAZ-go], Scotland.

Former Yes singer Jon Anderson on writing “Roundabout” about a trip Yes took to a gig in Scotland. OC:…with you. :30

“The song was about how we play to people. ‘This is a song to make your children sing. We’ll have a good time.’ And the chorus is, ‘In or around the lake,” which is all the lakes that you pass on your way to Glasgow. And the mountains, they were coming sort of out of the sky, because you couldn’t see the top of the mountain, because it was a very low cloud. So they all looked like they were coming out of the sky. And then there was a roundabout, where the car travels around to decide which road that he’s going to take, and we had to make sure we kept on the right road to Glasgow. And 24 hours later, we’d be home with our loved ones — or ‘24 before, my love, I’ll be there with you.’”


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