A couple out on a date.

The dating game can be rough. These days, there are tons of dating apps and ways to meet potential significant others online, but we’ve all heard the horror stories – and maybe even experienced them – about going out on date after date and being thoroughly disappointed.

If you’re looking to date, as it turns out, Michigan has the No. 6 best city in the entire country to get that spark going. ApartmentList.com has put together a study to determine the best cities for dating in 2022. They teamed up with dating app Bumble for the study and examined 85 U.S. cities to determine the best.

“We used our Dating Satisfaction Score from Apartment List’s Annual Renter Satisfaction Survey to determine the best cities for dating,” they state in the methodology section of the study. “We asked renters: ‘How satisfied are you with opportunities for dating in your current city.’ We then ranked the cities highest to lowest based on their satisfaction scores. To uncover additional insight into a city’s dating scene, we’ve partnered with Bumble to get the local scoop.”

So, what city is hot for dating in Michigan? Detroit comes in at No. 6 on the list. According to the study, Detroit scored 28.78% in dating satisfaction. “Home to bustling city life, Detroit daters can spend time taking in the views of The Guardian Building, stop and smell the flowers at Belle Isle Park, or catch any sports game (MLB, NFL, NBA, or NHL) downtown,” they state in the study. “Bumble users also selected ‘going out’ and ‘music’ as their top Interest Badges. Based on those who selected music as an interest, hip hop, country, and R&B are some of the most popular music genres among Detroiters on Bumble.” The No. 1 city for dating in America was Cincinnati, Ohio, followed by Boston, Massachusetts, and Houston, Texas. Find the full list here.

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