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Michigan and Ohio folks who are fans of amusement parks have some great options this weekend. That’s because two Cedar Point attractions are opening. Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival starts this Thursday (May 25) at noon. “Frontier Town is set to come alive with live music, interactive games for kids and adults, artisans, crafters, roaming family entertainment, festive décor and savory corn-inspired treats,” the park says in a statement.

They add to expect a lineup of dishes and desserts, hand-crafted and prepared by Cedar Point’s food and beverage team. “The cornfield of hearty tastes includes smoked corn on the cob, charred corn and chorizo flatbread, corn fritters, jalapeño creamed corn empanadas, elote sweet corn quesadillas and sweet corn cheesecake squares,” the park states. Add to that more than 65 “hearty food portions,” craft beers, specialty drinks, hard seltzers and ciders, all available throughout Frontier Town, with selections from local and national beverage makers.

“Cedar Point’s Frontier Festival is an annual celebration of hope, health and harvest, inspired by a partnership with Prayers From Maria, a local organization whose mission is to raise awareness and money to fund research to end childhood cancer,” the park says. “Its symbol of hope, the sunflower, blooming annually at Maria’s Field of Hope in Avon, Ohio, and at Maria’s Field of Hope at Cedar Point (located next to Express Hotel in Sandusky), is at the heart of the festival.” Frontier Festival runs daily May 25 through June 18 from 12 noon to 8 p.m.

Also this weekend, Cedar Point Shores Waterpark opens. “Located right next to Cedar Point along the shore of Lake Erie, Cedar Point Shores is home to 18 aquatic attractions for everyone, including Lemmy’s Lagoon and Lakeslide Landing for kids, and extreme thrills like Point Plummet, Portside Plunge and Riptide Raceway,” the park states. For more information on all the attractions, go here.

10 Cedar Point Rides We Really Miss

  • Top Thrill Dragster

    Last August, a Cedar Point guest was seriously injured at the park. As she was waiting in line for the Top Thrill Dragster, the woman was hit by a flying part off the ride and subsequently injured. The ride won’t be back for 2022, but no word on if it will be back after that.

  • Mantis

    Cedar Point converted the Mantis into a floorless roller coaster named Rougarou in 2015, the latter of which is still there. But, some people miss the Mantis!

  • Antique Cars

    Just this season, Cedar Point removed Antique Cars, a drive-it-yourself ride through Frontier Town, in order to create enough space for a new restaurant.

  • Wicked Twister

    Wicked Twister welcomed its first passengers at Cedar Point on May 5, 2002. It actually held the record for the world’s tallest and fastest twisting impulse roller coaster. It closed last year!

  • Demon Drop

    This was a scary one! Watch video below.

  • White Water Landing

    White Water Landing closed back in 2005.

  • WildCat

    This was a tipsy turvy one! See footage below.

  • Space Spiral

    I don’t remember this one at all. But check out footage below!

  • Mean Streak

    This coaster was all the rage when I was a kid.

  • Disaster Transport

    This was a wild indoor coaster- very unique!

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