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The Maple Bacon Paczki: my Holy Grail of Paczki

I consider myself a foodologist.  In my years around the Detroit area, I have sampled many foods.  Last year, my life changed when I found what I believe to be The Holy Grail of Paczki

Paczki is a Polish term.  Traditionally paczki is made before the Catholic Lent holiday in preparation for Easter. Families were to use all of their sweets and butter before the religious holiday; so paczki was created. I have been introduced to this sweet treat thanks to my wonderful neighbors the Bartolds. I, of course, had to learn how to say it correctly. This was so different from a regular doughnut. This was fresh and filled with either cream puff, custard, or jelly.

For years the place to grab a real Paczki was the city of Hamtramck. Places like the New Palace Bakery, The Family Doughnut Shop, Roti Max Bakery, Metropolitan Bakery, Srodek’s, and more. If you wanted a Paczki filled with alcohol, stop by the New Dodge Bar for a Jager, Fireball, or Skrewball-filled paczki.

My life changed last year as I drove down Groesbeck to get to I-696. I saw a sign from above that read, “Order your Maple Bacon Paczki Today.” Slamming on my breaks, I made a quick turnaround and went into the famous Lazybones Smokehouse. I made an order for a dozen. When I picked them up, a bit into one, I realized I had found the Holy Grail of Paczki. Now as you know Fat Tuesday is almost here!

Prices have gone up on literally everything. With the price increases, I didn’t think that Lazybones Smokehouse would be able to make their signature paczki, but they didn’t want to let the public down.  I read on their website, ‘The Maple Bacon Paczki this year, but we have been doing them for 15 years and will not disappoint anyone this year.”
In my opinion, the Maple Bacon Paczki is the Holy Grail of Paczki.
Look for City of the Week in Hamtramck for Fat Tuesday!  Here are some pictures from adventure past.

City of the Week in Hamtramck

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