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Like being the Prince of Darkness isn’t enough?  Helen Maidiotis is an Ozzy fan who has been a topic on  Metal Hammer.  She started an online petition through to get Ozzy to knight status. As a result, Ozzy Osbourne could receive knighthood.  The petition currently has nearly 35,000 signatures.

Helen has been working on this for EIGHT YEARS over THREE different petitions. Here’s an excerpt from her petition:

“So I ask you today, along with the thousands of other people who have been supporting my campaign throughout the last 8 years and have signed the previous two petitions… Please consider Mr. Osbourne and grant him the honour of a knighthood for his services to music and charity over the last 5 decades.”

As part of her campaign efforts, Helen sent a letter to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in the UK.  She recently received a response stating:  “As you are aware Mr. Osbourne has been under consideration for an honour for a while.” Helen is taking this as a positive sign.

Helen is an AMAZING fan and a testament to the impact that Ozzy has had on legions of fans over the decades… HOWEVER, out of all the musical artists that I know that have received an honorary knighthood, not one has bitten the head off of a bat, pi$$ed on the Alamo, or had a reality TV show.  I don’t see this happening, but you never know!

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