Def Leppard will finally get their due at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this March after a long game of waiting. But perhaps all that time has soured one of its members.

In a new interview, Phil Collen was asked if his band’s induction this year and Bon Jovi’s last year means that hard rock is finally earning respect. Unfortunately, the guitarist doesn’t think that’s the case.

Collen feels the Brit rockers would have eventually gotten the nod because “They’re gonna go, ‘Oh, who do we put in this year?’ And they kind of scrape the barrel. So, yeah, we’d get in at some point, I guess.”

As for who he could see being part of the Rock Hall’s future classes, Collen doesn’t care, replying, “It’s not something that really concerns me. My real buzz is actually getting up there and playing live.”