One of  Royal Oaks’ most visible landmarks off Interstate I-696 – The zoo water tower at Woodward Avenue and 10 Mile is receiving a new coat of paint.

The month-long project is already underway, power washing, and primer paint to stop rust. and hand-painting the 150-foot-tall structure.

Rumors say the tower again will feature the Zoo’s animal parade logo depicting animals and humans walking across a plain at dusk. The finished project is a surprise.  The $200,000 makeover is expected to be completed by the end of July depending on Michigan’s unpredictable weather.

The tower was constructed in 1928 to provide water pressure for the area including the Detroit Zoo until 1984. Instead of demolition, they thought it would be great use as a billboard for the zoo.

A Unique fact 15 years ago when someone paid the city to paint over former Mayor  Kwame Kilpatrick after his battles with the law and spent time in jail. Detroit Mayor Colman A. Young also had his name on the famous tower during his term.


Detroit Zoo Water Tower Before Paint Over