Donielle Flynn

Weekdays 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Hey there! This is Doni.  Have you ever called and not been able to get through? I’d like to change that.

Sometimes with the behind the scenes work of WCSX, I miss your call… lines are busy, I’m on another line with a caller or I’m making magic happen and can’t reach the phone. I have an idea to fix that and serve you better.

Don’t call me… I’ll call YOU.  Fill out the form below with your name, city, phone number and best times for me to call YOU between 10a and 2pm, Monday through Friday. I’ll call you, get your request, and do my best to play it on the Power Lunch with Donielle Flynn, my new noon-time feature on WCSX! (You must be over 18 to enter)