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Ringing for the Salvation Army at Kroger!

I’m at it again!  I’m ringing the virtual kettle for the Salvation Army. Helping struggling families right here in Southeastern Michigan with clothes, warm shelter, and hot meals, this organization has been a source of good for more than 150 years. If you’re planning to donate, I’d love your support!

Here’s a link to my kettle: Doni Rings in the D for Salvation Army

I always try my best to raise money, but Big Jim’s House SMOKES my totals. lol, I don’t mind.  It’s all for a great cause.  The rivalry is great for helping raise more money for this amazing organization, which is the ultimate goal.  Speaking of Big Jim’s House, Monday, December 5th, Big Jim is doing Pay to Play.  They’ll play songs for people in exchange for donations to The Salvation Army.  You can find out more here: Big Jim’s House Ringing in the D

The Salvation Army helps more than 25 million Americans every year with a range of social services.  They’ve been around for over 150 years.  Last year ALONE they provided more than 170 MILLION meals to those in need.  They also provide shelter, clothes, and financial assistance to help people overcome hardships like financial insecurity and addiction.

Thanks for your consideration in helping!

Doni, Screamin' Scott and Uncle Buck hosting Rock the Red Kettle for the Salvation Army!

Doni, Screamin’ Scott and Uncle Buck hosting Rock the Red Kettle!


Donielle Fynn is a Michigan native with two kids, two dogs, two cats, a love of yoga, and all things classic rock.