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YOU CAN’T  MAKE THIS STUFF UP… and yet it’s like a scene from the movie, Neighbors. Jimmy Page’s feud with his pop star neighbor is about to go to new heights.  Jimmy Page’s neighbor is UK pop star, Robbie Williams.  A couple of years back, Robbie wanted to put a mega-basement with an underground pool under his mansion.  He’s been doing MASSIVE renovations for years. As in renovations lasting 46 weeks, involving multiple equipment and supply trucks being brought in for the construction.  Jimmy Page wasn’t having it.

Jimmy’s reason for being distraught over this construction is his concern that “even the tiniest of vibrations could ruin his own Grade I-listed building and its fragile ancient paintings and frescoes.” -per The U.S. Sun

A vehicle is parked outside the home of Jimmy Page stands in...

A vehicle is parked outside the home of Jimmy Page stands in Kensington and Chelsea on May 29, 2018 in London, England. British singer Robbie Williams has been in a four year dispute with his... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

Above is a picture of Jimmy Page’s mansion… to the left, you can see Robbie Williams’ home with its ongoing construction.

Jimmy’s home was built in 1781 by architect William Bruges. He was one of the top Victorian architects of his time. The historical building is among the most important houses in London.  Jimmy won the battle against the mega-basement with the underground swimming pool.  It was ruled that Williams COULD do the construction, but only using hand-held tools.  Can you imagine?  Obviously, this would take years and the price would be astronomical.

Robbie Williams performs on stage during the "Wetten, dass...?" Live...

Robbie Williams performs on stage during the "Wetten, dass...?" Live Show on November 19, 2022 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images

The basement would have been THIS BIG.

BUT WAIT… there’s more.

This feud between Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams goes all the way back to 2015! Williams submitted renovation plans and Jimmy Page objected.  In 2017, Williams submitted plans for a shed on STILTS to be built in his garden. During this skirmish, Williams accused Page of sitting in his car for hours outside his house.  In a radio interview, Robbie Williams said, “He’s recording the workmen to see if they’re making too much noise. The builders came in and he was asleep in his garden waiting. It’s like a mental illness.”

Jimmy Page spoke out in 2018, telling officials he would “fight against” what he described as a “threat” to his home.  Jimmy Page has lived in his London mansion since 1972.  Williams, get off of the man’s lawn.

In 2019, Williams apologized to Page and there were rumors that he even wrote Jimmy a letter.

These are two WEALTHY AF musicians who really do not seem to be getting along as neighbors. Naturally, I’m on Team Page, but still.  Rock stars and pop stars, they’re just like you and me. lol… only on a much smaller scale.  I don’t love my neighbor, but we’ve never taken each other to court or accused each other of “mental illness.” I’m also pretty sure there is nothing she can do to ruin my nonexistent collection of ancient paintings and frescoes.

The latest in this unnecessary craziness, Robbie Williams just submitted plans to build a 20 FOOT WALL across the back of his property (the line he shares with Jimmy Page).  The application says, “It has been noted that due to the use of the existing wall elements and the significant retention of soil within the plot, wall elevations are low and allow passers-by a view of the garden.  As part of the proposed landscaping scheme the designer has proposed the use of trellis panels as a low-impact way of increasing privacy within the garden.”  Are you serious?  A TWENTY FOOT IN THE AIR TRELLIS.  That seems like a disastrous idea. The fence would be two stories high.  If that thing blows, what’s to stop it from hitting other homes?  You can check out more on this story and pictures of the homes on The U.S. Sun website.
Maybe Williams needs cooling… baby I’m not fooling…  Page is gonna send ya back to schooling.

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