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Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain (photos Jason Kempin, Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

JUST WOW.  What started as a credit card dispute has spiraled into so much more.  An incredibly public feud between Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon… all while being on tour together.  The rivalry has boiled to the point where Cain and Schon hired security for their dressing rooms.

Why Cain And Schon Hired Security For Their Dressing Rooms

According to Billboard, last year, Neal Schon hired security for his dressing room, concerned that “people were out to get him.”  THEN… this is one of the crazier parts, at a show in Florida, Neal Schon sent an assistant in to “snoop around” in Jonathon Cain’s dressing room.  The assistant was caught and Jonathan Cain hired his own security.  WTH is going on with them?

Journey‘s 2022 tour was one of their biggest ever, but the squabbling (to put it lightly) between Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain has got to be making their latest tour beyond stressful.  Their current tour (no Detroit date), The 50th Anniversary Freedom Tour, wraps up in mid-May.  A band that has sold more than 75 million albums, has me at the point where I’m ready to stop believing.  I love Journey’s music… much of it is extremely inspirational, but the dynamic between Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain is more than off-putting, in my opinion.  It’s hard to figure out who is in the right and who is in the wrong.  Honestly, I think they are both at fault at different points in time.

Additional issues they’ve had with each other include Jonathan Cain’s performance at Mar-A-Largo and Neal Schon bringing back the original keyboardist for Journey, Gregg Rolie who hasn’t played with the band for decades.  Billboard says it’s so bad, that the two play from opposite sides of the stage at all times.

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