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Prince Midnight stands proudly next to his toilet art.

Most art installations do not require a plumber.  Prince Midnight’s artwork does. The man makes toilet art… rock tribute toilets. Prince Midnight’s latest creation: an Iron Maiden toilet.  The toilet is six feet tall and six feet wide.  It’s a tribute to Eddie.  Eddie is in pharaoh-garb (inspired by 1984’s Powerslave).  Prince Midnight spoke with saying that the toilet was commissioned by a bar, but now the owner doesn’t want to install it.   Midnight ended up buying the toilet back for $5,000 (he was paid $3,000 to make it). Prince just wants to get the Eddie toilet installed and “enjoyed by the masses.” Convenient, since masses rhymes with… you see where I’m going.  Here’s Iron Maiden Eddie in Pharaoh mode:

man holds his fist up next to a pharaoh toilet

Prince Midnight and his Iron Maiden’s Eddie as a pharaoh. – Photo by Prince Midnight

Has He Done The Rock Tribute Toilet Thing Before?

Oh yes. In 2021, Prince Midnight made a toilet as a tribute to Lars Ulrich of Metallica. did a piece on Midnight about the toilet and Midnight’s Hellmouth Plumbing Supply. Midnight started the company selling toilet seat lids with different heavy metal album covers.

PS: the Lars toilet ended up being installed in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! in Lars’ homeland of Denmark.  

lars Ulrich toilet with man sticking out of shower in the bathroom

Lars Ulrich (circa 1980) is envisioned as a toilet. Prince Midnight jumps from the shower. Hilarious!

Recently, Midnight made a Motörhead urinal. You can experience this piece of art if you visit the Brass Mug in Tampa. On Instagram, Prince Might talks about the piece, “This urinal even smells bad and doesn’t drain very well but it’s all part of the carefully crafted art!”  Check it out:

a urinal with an art installation of Motorhead's Snaggle Tooth

Prince Midnight’s custom urinal: Motorheads’ Snaggle Tooth.  Photo by Prince Midnight

Prince Midnight also has a band.  You can check it out on Facebook.  Midnight is one creative guy!  I wonder what rock tribute toilets Midnight will do next… maybe Murray from Dio!  Top 25 metal mascot listing when you CLICK HERE

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