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WCSX City of the Week

Congratulations to Wyandotte,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week

Wyandotte factoids

  • The area that became the City of Wyandotte was first settled in 1732 by a branch of the Huron Tribe known as the Wyandots.

  • In 1865, Wyandotte’s Eureka Iron Works became the first mill in the United States to produce steel using the Bessemer Process. This method was the foundation of the industrial revolution and the key to making high quality steel in large quantities.

  • All Metal Products Company was founded in Wyandotte in 1920. It produced inexpensive pressed metal toys under the Wyandotte brand name, and was the largest manufacturer of toy guns in the US for several decades. The company’s slogan was “Wyandotte Toys are Good and Safe.”

  • The City is known for producing some Tigers, Detroit Tigers that is. The players include John Schreiber, who is a current pitcher, Ed Mierowicz played outfield in 1945 for the tigers, and last but not least Bill Lajoie, the general manager of the 1984 world series champion Tigers!

  • Wyandotte is a sister city to Komaki, Japan and each year delegates form Komaki come to Wyandotte to tour the city..

  • Wyandotte held their first election in April 1867, making it the oldest incorporated city in Wayne County besides Detroit.