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Congratulations to Lincoln Park,

You’re the WCSX City of the Week!

Lincoln Park Factoids:

  • Lincoln Park is named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln.


  • Lincoln Park was the home of the members rock group MC5 in the 1960s. The band was rumored to have evolved out of the group’s habit of listening to music from a car radio in the parking lot of the local White Castle restaurant in the small downtown area.


  • Ecorse Creek in Lincoln Park is the site where Ottawa Native American Chief Pontiac held a council in 1763 ┬áthat planned the attack on Fort Detroit.


  • In the late 18th┬áCentury, Pierre St. Cosme and his family settled a large tract of land that is now Lincoln Park and a few surrounding suburbs.


  • The first homes in Lincoln Park were built along Goddard Road.


  • Lincoln Park was considered a rural area until a massive influx of workers from the new Ford Rouge Plant migrated to Lincoln Park.


  • Gary Grimshaw, a noted rock concert poster artist, grew up in Lincoln Park.


  • Today Lincoln Park combines residential neighborhoods, industry and commerce.