The ongoing NBA playoffs started on April 15th, with many basketball enthusiasts eagerly following the games. A recent report by the personal finance website WalletHub has identified cities that are both ideal and not-so-great for basketball lovers.

To determine the top cities for basketball enthusiasts, they conducted a comparison of over 290 of the largest cities, utilizing 21 key metrics. These metrics included the performance of both NBA and NCAA Division 1 basketball teams, as well as factors such as ticket prices and stadium accessibility.

Detroit ranks number 24.

Detroit has an overall rank of 24 with a total score of 33.04. The website also ranked Detroit for having one of the worst-performing NBA teams just below Orlando. They calculated this by dividing “Number of Wins” by “Total Games Played” and using the past three seasons’ averages. As far as college basketball, Ann Arbor Michigan fell a bit lower in the ranking and was placed at number 44 with a total score of 21.49. Meanwhile, its rival East Lansing ranked at number 31 with a total score of 27.74.

Several cities in Michigan were also ranked, such as Mount Pleasant (ranked 180), Rochester Hills (ranked 192), Ypsilanti (ranked 171), and Kalamazoo (ranked 280).

Highlights from the study.

The average ticket price for NBA games in Charlotte, North Carolina is only $32.82, the lowest in the league. In contrast, San Francisco has the highest ticket price at $139.49, which is 4.3 times more costly.

Among NBA teams, the Milwaukee Bucks have the highest performance level at 67.60%, which is 2.4 times higher than that of the Detroit Pistons – the team with the lowest performance level at 28.71%.

According to the study, the Gonzaga Bulldogs have the most impressive performance level out of all the college basketball teams with a percentage of 92.77, which is 10.9 times greater than the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils – the team with the lowest percentage of 8.49.

Interestingly, the NBA team in Miami has the most engaged fans with a score of 43.96, which is significantly higher than the city with the lowest score, New York, at 1.47.

View the full report and see how other cities ranked here.


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