Grilling season has officially begun. With summer just around the corner, people spend more time outside cooking their favorite meals. Bid-On-Equipment just a published compilation where they rank the top cities obsessed with BBQ, and Detroit made the list.

“Many cities claim to have the best BBQ around, but we analyzed thousands of Google searches to figure out which ones really are a cut above the rest,” Bid-On-Equipment states to determine their rankings.

In total, 50 cities were identified and ranked in order. Then, this article highlights the top three states in the country, highlighting three specific restaurants in those states. Lastly, Bid-On-Equipment details the topic one-step further in naming the best 20 cities for Korean BBQ. So, where does Detroit stand?


The good news is that Detroit made the list. The bad news is that there are 28 cities above the capital of the Motor City that were identified as being more obsessed with BBQ. Detroit ranked #29, just above Houston, TX and below Mesa, AZ. In the northern region of the country, only Minneapolis and Milwaukee ranked higher than Detroit.

Unfortunately, Detroit is not listed at all as one of the best cities for Korean BBQ. Bid-On-Equipment describes the difference with Korean BBQ by explaining how they use sweet sauces as opposed to dry rubs. In addition, “it’s also often cooked on a smaller grill at the center of the table for a unique dining experience,” they say.

BBQ In Detroit

If you are looking for fine BBQ establishments in the greater city area to fill your cravings, Eater recently published the 15 essential spots to check out. While Detroit may not rank as the # 1 city obsessed with BBQ, there are plenty of great restaurants serving this flavorful cuisine.

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