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Big Jim’s House

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The New Municipal Lodging House, a working man's hotel in Nottingham, England, 29th November 1932. Erected at a cost of £32,000, it is to be opened on Thursday 1st December 1921, on the site of the old slums, and will house 200 workers. Each man will have a lock up cubicle to sleep in and 'the run of the house' for 1 shilling per day or 66d per week. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Thrillist posted their list of the most haunted bars and restaurants in America, only one Michigan location made the list…

The Fenton Hotel Tavern and Grille.

It goes way back to the 1800’s, the hotel was built in 1856, when the first railroads came to Fenton.

The Fenton Hotel is actually said to have received the first liquor license in Genesee County after prohibition.

The basement along with a section of the hotel with have not been renovated and is home to a former custodian, Emery. Apparently you can still hear him above the dining roo.

Then there’s the gentleman at table 32, who constantly orders Jack & Cokes, which show up to the table on a regular basis. These ghosts seem almost harmless…

Other unexplained happenings at the hotel include:

  • A disappearing black cat
  • A spirit that grabs the rear ends of waitresses
  • Glasses shattering when nobody is around
  • Voices coming out of the bar speakers (when the PA is off)
  • A disembodied, whispering female voice can be heard on the upper floor
  • Bearded man seen outside a second story window
  • The vision of a tall man in a top hat
  • Window shutters open & close when there’s no wind
  • Disembodied, ethereal voices & footsteps
  • Lights acting strange by flickering & shutting off by themselves