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17-year-old Debbie Brett models a black lace teddy by Janet Reger at Asprey's in New Bond Street, London, 10th May 1979. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Only in Florida would a police office pose (in uniform) in a video for a skit featuring three young women in lingerie and handcuffs on their way to the police station.

The videos have been viewed over a million times on social media and now, after 11 years on the force at the Miami Beach Police Department, William Beeker is out of a job – all because of some questionable judgement.

“These videos are highly offensive,” Miami Beach city manager Jimmy L. Morales said in a statement with 7 News Miami. “It is disgusting that a representative of the Miami Beach Police Department, and the City as a whole, would choose to participate in this distasteful video. He has made a mockery of the men and women of the MBPD who work hard each day to serve and protect our community and fight heinous acts such as human trafficking and other sexual crimes. We will not tolerate such behavior in our community.”

One of the women from the video is a Playboy model named Francia James, who didn’t think there was anything wrong or inappropriate with the office’s participation in their skit:

“We were actually finished filming without the officer with just the three of us in the skit,” James said. “After we were leaving the officer pulled up and I said, ‘Can you be in my skit?’ We filmed one more time with him walking behind us. He was very nice and none of us thought anyone was doing anything wrong. It was all harmless. I think it’s a shame he was put on any sort of leave. He didn’t do anything wrong and was very nice to all of us.”

After the women thank him in the video, Beeker said, “No problem. Enjoy the community I like to protect and serve. Have a good day, ladies.”