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This Garage sale from New Haven Michigan went viral over the weekend for all of the right reasons.

Check out this lady’s garage sale, selling all of her cheating husbands stuff!

The post went viral on Facebook after someone posted the photos from the “cheating husband” garage sale!

Photos: Facebook/Mikayla Winbigler

cheating husband 1

Good or bad idea from this lady? I am sure it will be used in court when they go to settle the divorce.

After thinking about this more, I love the move by the lady. She decided since I was screwed with, you’re getting screwed with as well. Although this is the first crappy husband sale I have seen, these are more common that you would think.

A few years ago a lady had a garage sale for her ex-husband and made everything free!

Here is a relatable story for everyone: 

When I was about 18, I got home from High School to notice that my mom had thrown all of my closet into our pool! She said she did it because she asked me to put things away in the correct spot, of course I did not do that! I got so mad at here for doing it, but knew I was better off just getting my clothes, washing them and putting them away in their spots. Safe to say from that day on I have kept my closet clean and organized, so thank you to my mom for pushing that on me!

Honestly I am wondering though, does this man have any legal action now? I don’t think you can just sell off your ex’s stuff without getting arrested for it.

All I have to say is, whoever dates this lady next, please make sure you do not cheat on her! If you do, make sure to take all of your valuable stuff out of the house!


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