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If there are 2 things to ever go together it has to be ice cream and booze, Miller Lite is taking it to a whole different level with their newest product!

This may be the greatest marketing plan of all time! Miller High Life is selling ice cream bars that are 5% alcohol, and they’re supposed to taste like a dive bar.

For example, one of the flavors in it is a hint of tobacco smoke.  You can buy a six-pack at for $36.

I don’t know about you but this is something I would love to try! The reason Miller is doing the promotion is to highlight the history of Klondike which released their first ice cream bar 100 years ago.

Each bar has beer-flavored ice cream, one of them has hint of tobacco smoke flavoring. Another is peanut swirl, because any good dive bar has free peanuts. Last they have a gooey caramel swirl to represent the sticky floor.

From reading the flavors it makes the ice cream sound gross, but after you get a few of them in your system I am sure you will be praising the new Ice cream!

They’re selling Dive Bar six-packs through the site for $36.  So that’s $6 per bar.

Get them here:

The shipping could more than double that though, because they have to ship it with dry ice, which isn’t cheap. For example, if you live in California and want these bars, you will be paying 45 dollars in shipping.

I think it is worth it though!

Here is what the ice cream bars will look like!

Let’s turn to Michigan. Do you agree with this list of the best ice cream places in Michigan?


When it comes down to it, I think everyone would give these ice cream bars a try. I will buy the first batch!


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