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This is one of those videos that may have everyone split down the middle, let’s see if this lady was right or wrong.

A Panera Bread drive-thru worker refused to take a woman’s order because her little girl was screaming. As you will hear and see in the video, the woman is not happy with the drive-thru worker as he stays very calm and tries to talk through her yelling.

By the sentence above, I think you already know which side of the coin I am on. Unfortunately sometimes our kids act up in places they shouldn’t. I have experienced this a few times as a new dad but every time it happens, I remove the child from the situation. Now, I am talking more restaurant type stuff but I think it can apply here as well.

Here is the video the woman posted to Tik-Tok


What child doesn’t make noise? 😂🤣 #fyp #trending #panerabread

♬ original sound - leikerornot

Like I said, the employee stays very calm and tries to give this woman options. I am sorry but if you have a child that is going crazy in the back seat of the car, maybe sitting in line for your coffee and sandwich is not the best decision.


Now she did post a follow up story on what will happen next. Of course, she is not done with this poor guy.

Okay, I don’t want to pile on this woman because I have a son now and I know how tough it can be. But, to put this guy on blast who is probably high school age from the sounds of him is wrong in my opinion. He is just trying to do his job at Panera Bread.


What do you think? Ultimately I think both sides could have handled this a little differently. We will try and find updates to the story as I am sure we haven’t heard the last from the lady.


Maybe the lady will be added to the remix of this song.

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