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A man from North Carolina is making headlines this morning after a “Slow” speed chase on his massive John Deere Tractor. Oh yeah, he was hammered at the time!

Earlier this week, Boone North Carolina police received a phone call about a man driving recklessly on his tractor while drunk and jamming tunes.

The video of the chase is hilarious to be honest. You will see the man driving his tractor all over the road, with at least 8 cop cars driving behind him. The chase actually lasted for a few hours, but the best part is the cops said it never went over 20 miles per hour.

Here is the Tik-Tok video of the chase.


“The stolen tractor was being operated by a person who we are very familiar with, Mr. Ronnie Hicks,” Le Beau said.

At one point, the police used spike strips to try and stop the man, but that was no test for the massive John Deere tractor.

This guy was all over the road though. At one point is smashed into a couple of cars, hit a church and started to drive towards the elementary school. That was when the cops decided it was a good idea to stop the man once and for all.

Determined not to let him get that far,” La Beau gave his officers the go-ahead to shoot out the tractor’s front tire.

Hicks was able to continue driving several more miles without the front tire, but eventually pulled onto a private drive, cops said.

“Mr. Hicks then jumped off the tractor and was wielding a knife,” said La Beau.

It’s safe to say this guy will not be doing anything for a while. Thankfully no one was hurt and the owner can get his tractor back.

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