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Friend of the show and amazing Meteorologist Derek Kevra from Fox 2 Detroit had a very scare but real nightmare this week.

For about a month all the bad weather in Detroit has been blamed on Derek Kevra from Fox 2 Detroit.

In February, Derek said that the worst of winter was over, only to see us get the worst weather of the winter season.

We have had Derek on a few times to talk about the weather and the storms, and to his credit, he has admitted to being wrong and being the cause of these bad storms.

Sadly for us, Derek thought it was all a horrible nightmare.


As you know from going outside, it was not a nightmare Derek was having, rather it was one of the worst predictions in Detroit history. Right up there with the 20o9 prediction from Lions player Kevin Smith who said the team would make the playoffs. They went 2-14 that year.

Overall it is nice to see Derek have a humorous take on the whole situation because let’s be honest. Did any of us actually believe it when he said the worst of winter was over?

Anyway, enough with the bad weather talk, I think if we can just make it to the middle of March with anything else going wrong then we will be in the clear! I can already smell and feel the boats in the water and the late night bonfires in 90 degree weather.

Also, for those who want to complain about the heat in a few months, just remember these past couple of weeks and be thankful for the temperatures.

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