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IT'S DONIELLE FLYNN! Here at Emagine for the premiere of "The Greatest Beer Run Ever"

There are some people that will just never adopt some of the new ways of the world, Hell I am one of them. But this seems like a pretty easy one to get the concept of.

I found this video on TikTok after my buddy sent it to me, it all took place at the Emagine in Royal Oak on Tuesday night.

Assigned seating at movie theatres is nothing new, even before Covid a lot of theatres made it possible to choose your seat. Unfortunately for this man, he didn’t get the memo. Watch as this man gets a little nutty over the whole assigned seating thing and why he has to move.


two ladies came into theatere with assigned seats, finding out a man was sitting in their seat and wouldn't move . movie was paused and managers were called. #movietheatre #assignedseats #wrongseat #emaginetheaters #royaloakmichigan #publicfreakouts

♬ original sound - 🩷SARAH🩷

My favorite part of the video is when he asked if he could get a free pop. It seems like this man can be easily talked out of the theatre lol!! But honestly, at this point not knowing there are assigned seats at a movie theatre is like going to an airport and just sitting down in any seat you feel like.

But this was close to getting out of hand, the guy is clearly upset and good on the employees of Emagine who stayed super calm and let the guy basically kick himself out. It even shows how much they all wanted the guy out, he was offered a full refund even after being an ass.

It’s a bummer when people pay money to relax and see a new movie, only to run into a guy like this. Thankfully he just left and didn’t ruin anyone’s night by prolonging the situation.

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