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Did this really happen in Traverse City? And is $50 enough to make up for it?

Here’s the poop (pun intended):

TikTok user Britaney Kay claims she was given a soiled adult diaper by a front desk employee at a Great Wolf Lodge location in Traverse City, Michigan. She had gone there with her sister to celebrate her nine year-old son’s birthday. Britaney says the box that she received was supposed to contain “Game Night games.” She and her sister gagged when they opened it and found the used diaper inside. A manager later gave her a $50 refund and a new box. **WARNING IF YOU CLICK THE VIDEO BELOW IT’S…WELL…A LOT**

First off – what do you think? Is there any reason for Britaney to make this story up? Is $50 enough to make up for it (I think not).


Since we’re talking poop (sorry). Remember the guy in Denver named Andrew Roush who was sick of people letting their dogs poop outside his home and not cleaning it up.

There’s a strip of rocks next to the sidewalk out front, with signs asking people to be respectful about it.  There’s even a stand with free bags.

But some people still weren’t doing it, so Andrew installed a security camera to catch them in the act.  And he recently got footage of one of the culprits.

Some guy with a white dog didn’t pick up its poop.  Andrew didn’t recognize him, but used the site Nextdoor to put him on blast for it.

And apparently the guy saw that post, because he came back earlier this month to leave him another gift . . . this time, his OWN poop.

The security camera caught the guy defecating in the same rocks his dog pooped in.  Andrew thinks it was retaliation for the Nextdoor post, and he called the cops.  Last we heard, they were still trying to I.D. the guy.  (KDVR)

Dog Poop Leads To Dude Poop

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