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the new iphones are coming out. do people really care?

Today is a big day for people who constantly need the latest and greatest. If you listen to the show than you know, Big Jim is fired up about having the new iPhone while I couldn’t care less.

It’s looks like I am not the only one who doesn’t care about a new iphone. A new pole from Lending Tree found that 31 percent of Americans surveyed couldn’t care less about this new phone.

The newest iPhone comes out today, Apple will release it at 1 pm eastern time and you know the stores will be packed! Now, I don’t want to seem like I am bashing those who will be lining up for this phone, I get it, I have an iphone myself. But I don’t get hype on needing to get the newest phone right away.

For example, is this phone really going to be that different. don’t they send updated software to every iPhone, which would mean you then have the latest and greatest?

I know, I am sounding very “angry old man” here but I think it is a funny conversation to have. Just give it a couple days until your buddy starts talking about how amazing the camera is.

Here is more from their findings:

1.  Phones are the top device we’re willing to splurge on, followed by a new computer . . . a new smartwatch . . . and a new gaming console.  But 41% of us have also regretted spending more than we could afford.


2.  45% would be willing to buy the newest version of their phone, even if their current phone is still working fine.


3.  28% would even prioritize it over other obligations, like bills or RENT.


4.  $1,492.  For people who’ve taken on debt to buy tech, that’s the average amount they think it’s added to their balance.


5.  54% of us are currently using at least one device that’s so old, we’d consider it “out of date.”


6.  iPhone users are the most brand-loyal, and the most likely to buy the newest version of their phone when it comes out.  9% said they might, compared to 4% of Android users.

This video cracks me up!


Hey when it comes down to it, use the phone you want, if I had a choice and didn’t work in media, I would be using a flip phone with 6 numbers in it.

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