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Aliens creature in the forest. Are aliens real? Mexico thinks they have bodies

Hold on! Don’t click away just yet, follow me on this one! Okay, you got your tin foil hats ready again? Mexico scientists have just unveiled what they believe to be fossilized Alien bodies from a very long time ago.

So this is a first look at what Mexico scientists believe to be the bodies of two Aliens that were discovered in Peru back in 2017.  The Mexican scientists believe the Aliens are from around 700 to 1,800 years old. They also showed an X-ray of the Aliens and one they believed had eggs inside of it. Check out the video HERE

As you can see, the “Aliens” have 3 fingers and through the presentation the scientists have said they are made up of unknown D.N.A. They also said that the bodies were discovered in Peru inside of a mine and later fossilized, that is why they look like they have been covered in sand. By they way, all of this was under oath in front of the Mexican Congress.

Jaime Maussan, is well known in the Alien and UFO community as he has debunked stories and claims for years, but even he said,  Aliens or not, these are something that lived among us at one point and do not share our D.N.A.


The scientists also claimed that the bodies had very strong but light bones. Another strange thing they claimed was that, Osmium metals were found in the bodies, which is one of the scarce and rarest metals on earth.

This is honestly a very interesting story, for example Ryan Graves was even there. If you remember Ryan, he was one to claim Aliens were real while under oath during a United States Congress meeting!

Here is the full story:

Alien expert presents '1,000-year-old bodies of non-humans' in Mexico

Carbon dating by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) found the bodies, pictured with three-fingered hands and feet, no teeth, were more than 1,000 years old.


This is still one of the wildest events in United States history:

Aliens Are Here and We Need To Start Preparing!

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