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This was a fun thread that started with a scene from Ted Lasso.

Coach Beard (played by the amazing Brendan Hunt) was filling in at a press conference when he got into a debate over Joe Walsh and Jimmy Page (WARNING – some NSFW language)

Of course we started playing the edited version on air – and talking about both amazing guitar players. Which led to asking our friend Phil Collen of Def Leppard what HE thought…which led to a GREAT response:

Phil Collen of Def Leppard on Walsh/Page Ted Lasso Debate

So we decided to share this on twitter with Brendan Hunt (the actor who plays Coach Beard)…and not only was Brendan gracious enough to respond – he even made a Joe Walsh request!

Brendan Hunt

And to keep this Joe Walsh thread going – one of our favorite listeners Jonathan Hodge sent us this video of Joe explaining “Lifes Been Good”…there’s a great connection to Keith Moon in the song as well!

Couple of notes on this (fun) debate:

  • Is Joe Walsh underrated as a guitar player? I’m going to agree with Coach Beard and Phil Collen and say yes. Maybe it’s his relaxed attitude that makes it looks so effortless…but when I think back on the James Gang, and his solo work and of course The Eagles. Amazing solos and guitar riffs that stick in your head and bring a smile to your face.
  • Is Jimmy Page overrated? Hell no. I’m amazed how both of my kids have discovered Led Zeppelin on their own and appreciate the once in a lifetime music that was Led Zeppelin. If you EVER have any doubts about Jimmy Page and his guitar playing/composing music…just watch “This Might Get Loud” (amazing documentary with Jimmy, Jack White and The Edge). Jimmy Page is a 100% genius. Sorry Coach Beard. And of course he also rocked the Silverdome with Zep (respect).