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This was a scene straight out of a movie, but it was all real and caught on Michigan State Police dash cam.

Monday around 2:45 p.m. if you were driving on I-75 near Holly, you may have seen something very unusual running around on the freeway. A steer who was lost for 6 weeks after getting out of it’s near by farm was rescued. Thanks to a couple of real life cowboys who saw the missing alert on Facebook. You will see it in the video, but it was honestly a very scary and dangerous sight.

You’ll see the cow come out of the woods and run onto the right lane of I-75, steps before a cowboy and his horse. The video comes to us from the Michigan State Police dash cam, who thankfully jumped into action and followed the steer and cowboy, making sure traffic did not get in the way.


“A team of wranglers comprised of men and women comparable to the cast of Yellowstone attempted to wrangle a cow that was stuck in a gravel pit on Belford Road,” MSP tweeted Monday. “Troopers stayed on standby to stop traffic on I-75 if necessary.”

The steer named Lester was tough to catch though! At first, wranglers on 4 wheelers tried to get him but couldn’t before he entered the freeway. That is when local cowboy Ricky Little John (what a name) was able to throw a lasso around the cow and bring him down to safety.

It truly is a scene from the hit show Yellowstone and something you never thought you would see driving down a major Michigan freeway.

Here is the full story from Channel 7:

Steer on the loose in Oakland County for 6 weeks captured along I-75

A steer that had been on the loose for several days in Oakland County was finally captured on Sunday afternoon along a busy highway. Lester had been wandering for six weeks along I-75 near Holly, but was caught on Sunday. He and fellow cattle where being moved to a new farm when the two-ton bovine managed to slip away.

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