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Ryan and his wife at a friends wedding in the spring

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Ryan brings a marriage issue to the show and today’s was all about snack time and a snack stealing thief!

The Grounds for Divorce today was all about my wife Heidi stealing his snack and then throwing it out the window!


What are your thoughts after watching the video? Should I just let this go, or die on the Slim Jim hill?

I think I am going to choose to die on the hill! I honestly could not believe that she would just take the Slim Jim, and disrespect it like that!

After Heidi threw it out, I wanted to turn the car around and make her get out of the car and pick it up! I honestly couldn’t believe she did it!

What has your spouse done to you involving food. I get my wife wants to try what I ordered when we go out to a restaurant or something, but really?! Stealing my snack, taking a bite and then throwing it out a window because you didn’t like it. My opinion is that, this is a very odd and strange move!

Now the question becomes, what can I do as payback? Should I just let it go, or should I retaliate?

We took to the phones and texting line for your responses, here are some of them:


“Ryan, That is complete BS. It’s not like you stopped and scraped up road kill.
Heidi was being an ass”

“Her taking your food, normal. Some people like to think that it’s a sign of love. But to throw it out the window, I have no idea what that’s about. Unless she mentioned something about it when you bought it in the first place”.

“Hey Ryan this is Lowlife you’re gonna have to just get over it it could be a little postpartum she gets to do what she wants she’s a new mom”

“Punk her back….have something gross for her to steal”

They kept coming! But what do you think? Comment below and let us know!


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Ryan and his wife

Ryan and his wife at a friends wedding in the spring