Grounds for Divorce

The Right Way To Make A Bed!

Alright, this may not be fully a Grounds for Divorce, but I did argue with my wife about the right way to make a bed. It turned into an argument on air as well! THE RIGHT WAY TO MAKE A BED! Let me break this down for you, when you put the fitted shift on you must always go bottom corner to opposite top corner. This is where the fight about the right way to make a bed started for my wife and I. She does one side at a time and I think that is completely wrong! We got into on air because Big Jim did not agree with me, some callers did though! Here is the segments on the right way to make a bed. LISTENER COMMENTS: I'm with Ryan also. I can't stand a loose sheet. I've thrown sheets away that I couldn't get tight. It sounds petty but the bed is important!!! Ryan ... it's called a little "ADHD/OCD" Take it from captain o.c.d., you're wrong. Also your way of hanging pictures is also wrong. Anal retentive much? Loosen up Ryan. FINAL THOUGHTS That is just a few of the comments from listeners but I appreciate everyone who chimes in during Grounds for Divorce! I will ease up a bit and let her make the bed anyway she wants, but if I am in the room and helping out we are doing it my way! Again, don't forget to catch up on the past Grounds for Divorce HERE!!

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