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The ladies demanded I get them a celebrity. I got Ryan, I guess that'll work.

To be honest, this is something I saw coming earlier this year and man, I think I can get behind it!

Some things that come back in style absolutely crack me up, especially being in my 30’s now. this is one of them, but the be honest I think a lot of us saw it coming!

Now that I have nieces and nephews who are teenagers, I have noticed a lot of the style from when I was a kid is coming back. For example, “mom jeans” as they call them now have been back for a few years. Also, baggy sweatshirts with shorts, that is another one I see my nieces wearing all the time.

But none of those can hold a candle to the Jort! Jorts are officially back in style, and not just cutoffs.  We’re talkin’ the long baggy jean shorts your dad bought on sale at Walmart in 1997.

I will be totally honest with you, I saw this coming! I think that is way I wore cut off jean shorts to the Bret Michaels Parti Gras concert at pine knob this summer.

The 90’s are coming back in a massive way, either people are listening to music from the 1990’s again, or they are wearing the clothes.

Here is a story about the comeback of Jorts.


lmk which jorts outfit you’d wear! @pacsun is having their PacDay Deals :) 40% off over 1,000 styles 🤠 #ootd #jorts #summeroutfits #pacpartner #inmypac

♬ original sound - Rebecca Ko

What is funny, it’s not about tight jean shorts, it is now all about having them baggy and below the knee. Makes me wonder, will we see baggy jeans come back in style. Depending on who you ask, they already are!

Here was me at Parti Gras this year. Ahead of the curve baby!

four people smiling

Doni, Screamin’ Scott, Ryan, and Johnny Rock Lassman backstage at Parti-Gras.


I love that the 90’s are coming back, honestly for me as a kid of the 90’s it makes me very happy!

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